Trying to Keep my Faith in Rainbows

As a medical professional I’ve always hated when patients come to me and want their results, medication, consultation, or whatever they’re waiting on faster. Being on the other side right now though, I know I’m driving my doctors and nurses insane as the results from our strenuous testing slowly trickles in. You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone and you never know what you wish for until you have it, I guess.

Today I logged into my patient portal to find a message telling me that the genetic mutation we were scared of is more of a reality than ever. After talking to my wonderful Dr. Maayah I learned that they discovered a discrepancy in chromosomes 12 and 13 suggesting that there could be (granted we only have 2/3 of the equation without having Aaron’s karyotypes) a genetic abnormality that could diminish Aar and I’s chances of having a rainbow baby that is both of ours (genetically.)

We are being given a referral to a fantastic geneticist, and even though I love the idea of adopting and that’s always been something written on my heart, we are both just hoping and praying that his tests come back clear and there’s something they can do to help us. We’re still trying to keep the faith.

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  1. I know you feel like this is a setback, Holley, but you have good information and a path to fulfilling your goal. Miracles DO happen! You are in my thoughts, Girl.

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