Dramatic Pauses

My world has come to a dramatic halt a few times in my short life so far, and of course not every time has been bad! When my husband got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and the whole world stood still – dramatic pause. Standing over the bathroom sink staring at the two little lines that showed so quick on the fourth positive test I had taken that night – dramatic pause. Those are the times we talk about. We talk about how much we cried before we could manage to say yes to the man of our dreams before kissing him. We talk about the look on his face when you tell him he’s going to be a dad and that little sparkle of hope in his eyes. We hold on to these moments so tight and we tell them to anyone who will listen over and over because all too often we have more negative pause than positive. While I’m sure I’m no different than you, I’ve had quite a few of those not so happy pauses too. Three of those times lead me to write this. They’re probably different than the times your world sat still while you tried to piece it back together, but I feel like each story is important to talk about, so here are mine.

The first time I think is important to talk about happened in August of 2014. I DID NOT want to be pregnant. That’s probably why I waited and made excuses not to take a test for a month and a half after my missed period. Finally I wandered down the hallway in clinic I worked in and requested a blood test. By four thirty that day I got a call telling me I was pregnant and had an appointment the next day. Due to my stubborn waiting I was told I was already almost 10 weeks along. Dramatic Pause. As a million questions bubbled in my head all of a sudden I knew for certain one thing: I wanted to be a mom. I wanted it more than I had wanted to move out of my small hometown. I wanted it more than I had once wanted my husband to marry me. I wanted it more than I wanted to be a nurse. That want has been my reason for almost all the choices I’ve made since then. The next day at my appointment they talked to me about how I was feeling. I panicked at the thought that really I felt no different physically. They told me what to expect to feel, and then they got out a doppler to check the fetal heartbeat. After the longest five minutes of my life, the nurse gave me a tight smile, and told me she was going to get the doctor to preform a trans-vaginal ultrasound because the baby “must have it’s back turned.” The doctor came and shortly and confirmed what I had realized was my biggest fear – my baby had already died. The next events were honestly a blur. There were many people that came to talk to me. Nurses and doctors explained to me what was to come and repeatably asked me if I was okay. Soon after though I started bleeding rather heavily due to the sudden stress, but because of the bleeding they wanted to do the D&C right away. I was awake but medicated for the procedure as they hallowed me out, or at least that’s what it had seemed like to me. I don’t remember much, just the long drive home and wanting my mom. My life had changed forever.

The second time this happened I was in a much darker place. I was no longer in the military, I wasn’t working yet, and I was back in that hometown I once couldn’t wait to leave. March of 2015 I had what I thought was just the worst cramps because of a new birth control I had just started. Until that night when heavy bleeding turned into passing the tiny human I didn’t even know I was carrying. After a few panic attacks and a lot of crying I called my doctor that morning and she confirmed what I already knew. Thankfully no further medical intervention was needed and the physical recovery was short lived.

The last time my world shattered around me was a week ago. Friday April 8, 2016. I was so excited for this day. I had so many amazing things going on. My husband and I found out that we were due October 27th, right before my favorite holiday. At our 8 week ultrasound the baby measured 7 weeks, 5 days, which is normal because of my long cycle. The doctor was blown away by how strong our little alien’s heart beat was. I was in love with every little thing going on in my body. I was in love with my morning sickness and foggy brain, sore breasts, random crying and anger. I was in love with feeling my stomach get tighter. I will always be in love with that baby. With hope filling my head and my husband holding my hand we went to our second ultrasound appointment. She showed us how much our little one had grown. He looked so much more human. You could even see a little profile had formed! He was so perfect except for one thing – he no longer had that strong heartbeat we had heard before. As I’m writing this it’s still hard to comprehend. I would love to tell you it gets easier after having gone through it before. I would love to tell you it gets less devastating. That would be a lie. April 8, 2016 was the worst day of my young life. Over the next few minutes my doctor explained that I would get to be asleep for the procedure and that this time they would figure it out. Monday morning at five o’clock in morning Aaron scooped me into the car, helped me check into the hospital, and stood by my side as long as the doctors allowed him before they took me back to take my almost perfect little alien.


No one talks about their miscarriages. No one tells the emotions you feel or the pain you’ll go through. No one tells you about the emptiness you feel after they tell you the procedure went well. I’m here to tell you you can talk about it – and you should! That loss is a part of me. I miss my babies. I never held them. Until the last I didn’t even know about them for longer than 24 hours, but they were mine. They lived inside me. They doubled in size within me week after week. I love them.  And as I struggle to type this through tears I hope you know that its okay to miss something you never really had and that you are strong.

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  1. You, my dear little sister, are such a strong woman. You are an inspiration and your emotional strength amazes me. I love you and Aar so much.

  2. I too have experienced loss like no other. I was 12 weeks pregnant with twins and started having serious labor pains. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and as I waited to be seen in the emergency room I suddenly felt a gush of warmth and then no pain. I called a nurse over and told her that I believed I had just miscarried. I made it into the bathroom and when I looked I saw the tiny human and my heart broke. The nurse scoped the baby up and left the room. After nearly an hour I was finally seen by a doctor who told me that I had miscarried and what I needed to expect over the next 24-48 hours. My sister had arrived by now and was waiting to take me home. The next day I called and made a follow-up appt with the OB ward and during that appt. I was told that my HCG levels were still doubling and that everything still looked normal. He performed another ultrasound and found a heartbeat. I hadn’t miscarried ? I was so confused and excited all in one. I was given prescriptions for all the pregnancy meds and I was sent home. Three days later I was home and experienced the pain all over again and ended up back in the ER. This time I had an amazing doctor who made everything make sense. Sadly, I was scheduled for an emergency D&C and when I woke up the doctor explained everything to me. I had been pregnant with twins and had experienced monochorionic pregnancy. One twin was not as strong as the other and had died. If the doctor’s would have taken the time in the beginning and did a partial D&C to remove the baby and the amniotic sac, the second baby may have lived. Since that wasn’t done, my body tried to expel both and when doing so sent me into premature labor and I ended up losing both my babies. Up until that point I had never had much sympathy for miscarriage stories because I thought, how could they be upset they “never knew the baby”.. Well, I was wrong, very wrong! The minute you know you are pregnant that baby is known. You start dreaming of their future and you fall in love at first thought. I went on to have 2 beautiful children but I was never the same. Every year at the time they would’ve had a birthday I think of them. Every time I see twins, I think of them and every time a friend of mine goes through the same heartache I experience it all over again. The pain gets easier but it never goes away. I love you and I’m hear if you need me.

  3. I cried for you when I heard of your first loss. Partly because I knew the pain and heartbreak you were experiencing and partly because of the memory of my own heartbreak. It does not go away ever, but with God’s grace you get through it. I lost one of my babies on my birthday and I always think about that when it comes around. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Praying for a song in your soul and peace in your heart.

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